Christmas Crafts

Tomte bottlebag
I love the Tomte images and made this one for some bottle bags for gifts. He also makes a cute stitched Christmas card. Download the cutting file for Craft Robo and Silhouette machines or the PDF, on the right of the screen.

Tomte GSD file
Tomte Studio file
Tomte PDF file

Christmas card
In our art class I did a drawing in white pastel on black paper of Salzburg, and thought this would convert well to a cutout card for the Silhouette Cameo. I imported the jpg of my drawing and simplified it for cutting, added a few stars and a backing of black and gold patterned mulberry paper. You can download the cutting file for Craft Robo and Silhouette machines on the right of the screen.

Christmas card
Salzburg GSD file
Studio file

Christmas scrapbook
This is the cover of my Advent scrapbook, measuring 9 in x 9 in. I've used a cute deer-pattern Makower fabric over a thin layer of wadding for the covers. (Fabric from my lovely local store, Anca wools in Shrewsbury.) For the NOEL and 2014, I cut the design from fabric on my Silhouette Cameo, and used the Silhouette Clean Cut interfacing, ironed onto the back of the fabric and simply fed into the machine. Clean Cut is only suitable for hand sewing, which is fine for a scrapbook cover, but for anything that needs to be machine stitched, they recommend their 'Fabric Sew' interfacing. The design can just as easily be traced onto interfacing, ironed onto fabric then cut out by hand, as long as you remember to reverse the image. I have included the reverse image in the templates on the right.

Noel 2014 GSD file
Studio file
PDF file

Ice Skates Christmas decoration

These cute ice skates would make an unusual Christmas tree decoration or gift tag. I've cut the boot in hammer white card, and the blade is in silver. I then added a bit of glitter, punched a small hole and threaded through some narrow silver ribbon to hang it up, and added a small silver bow. The download links are on the right.

Skates GSD file
Skates Studio file


  These five simple Christmas templates have been finished in different styles, to match your Christmas theme, and could also make quick and easy gift tags.

I have used thin white card and printer paper, some basic craft supplies and recycled lace and newspaper. As well as the cutting templates for use with the Silhouette Cameo and Craft Robo machines, there is a PDF to print off and cut out by hand. Most of the shapes are threaded using a needle and white cotton, but you could use a small hole punch and narrow ribbon or cord.
Shabbychic angel

For these you will need
thin card
Gold acrylic paint
Acrylic gloss
Ribbon for hanging

To make these chipboard style decorations, cut four of each shape in thin card. You could use cereal boxes for this. Glue two together. Before gluing the third shape, place a short loop of ribbon for hanging, then glue on the third shape. Glue on the fourth shape. Leave to dry.
If you prefer, you could punch a small hole and thread the ribbon through that.
Cover the front with glue and stick on small scraps of newsprint. I themed mine, so I ripped up a weather forecast for the snowflake shape, a countryside article for the reindeer, and sheet music for the angel. Turn the shape over and trim the newspaper edges. Glue newsprint to the back of the shape in the same way and trim. Leave to dry.
Paint the edges of the shape with gold paint, brushing some onto the front surface. Leave for a short while to dry.
With a clean brush, coat the back and front with gloss.
5 Christmas shapes GSD file
5 Christmas shapes Studio file
5 Christmas shapes PDF
Scandinavian style Scandinavian heart

You will need
Red card
White card
Red and white cotton and needle

Cut out the reindeer in red card. Punch a hole in its back or head and thread with cotton or ribbon.
Cut out the two heart outlines in red card. I used a needle and thread to join the tops of the hearts together. Sew through the outer heart, then sew through the smaller heart. Take the needle back through the hole in the outer heart but from the other side. Shorten the length of cotton so the smaller heart fits neatly inside the outer heart. Knot the cotton and it is ready to hang up.
The angel, snowflake and star are cut in white card. Again, sew the two star outlines together before hanging.
Decorate the angel with strips of red ribbon and sequin or punched hearts, or colour in snowflakes and hearts with red pen or paint.

Scandinavian style
Scandinavian style GSD file
Scandinavian style Studio file
Scandinavian style PDF
Glittered acetate shapes lace on acetate

You will need
Sheet of A4 printable acetate
Scraps of lace
Double sided sticky tape
Spray glue

I printed out the 5 Christmas shapes PDF file on acetate and cut them out.
For the angel and heart, I cut short pieces of double sided tape and fixed these on one side of the shape. Cover the shape with lace. I used lace strips recycled from old petticoats. The pictures show the heart and the angel after trimming. Carefully trim the lace to fit the acetate shape.
Use a needle and cotton to thread through the pieces to hang them.
For the deer, snowflake and star, I sprayed one side of the acetate with glue, then coated it with glitter. Leave it to dry before threading the cotton and hanging them up.

lace heart lace angel
3D shapes 3D SHAPES

I used
A4 printer paper

I have used the heart, star, and snowflake templates to make these 3D shapes.
I cut four of each shape in A4 printer paper. Each 3D shape is made in the same way.
For the star, fold each star shape in half along the dotted line.
Glue half of the first star. Take the second star shape and fix half of it to the glued half of the first shape.
Now glue the other half of shape 2, and fix half of shape 3 to it. Glue half the back of shape 3 and fix it to half of shape 4. Glue the final halves together. Use a little glue to cover each surface and shake some glitter over it. Leave to dry. With a needle, I threaded cotton through the hole at the top of each shape to hang it up.

3D heart 3D snowflake
3D shapes GSD file
3D shapes Studio file
3D shapes PDF


Quilted Advent calendar

I bought this lovely starry Makower fabric to make this Shepherds Advent Calendar .
Click the link on the right for full instructions and template downloads.

Click here for Shepherds Advent Calendar
Toadstool tree decoration
Hexagon tree decoration
Three simple shapes in fabric and felt to hang on the Christmas tree. I've used a scrap of red and white spotted cotton fabric with white felt, and narrow red ribbon. You could also use beads or sequins to decorate the pieces.
Click here for the PDF file for the templates
and here for the instructions to make them.
Stocking tree decoration
gingerbread house card
Another gingerbread house. This one is made as a Christmas card and cut on my Cameo machine. Just need to add glitter and a Merry Christmas greeting and perhaps a red bow to finish it. It's lined with red paper for contrast, again to give it that Scandinavian feel. I've designed it in GSD format for the Craft Robo, and there's also a Studio cutting format.

GSD file
Studio file

gingerbread house
A cute little gingerbread house to hang on the Christmas tree. It's just big enough to accommodate a sweetie. Cut from white card and threaded with red ribbon, it would also look good painted in bronze acrylic and little 'jewels'. I've designed it in GSD format for the Craft Robo, and there's also a Studio cutting format, but it would cut well by hand so I've also added the PDF file.

Assemble by folding along the red dashed lines. I threaded the ribbon and knotted the ends under the roof before securing the roof to the house.
PDF file
GSD file
Studio file

Christmas Journal

This is the pieced silk and cotton cover I made for Mum's Christmas journal. The NOEL is cut in iron on vinyl. I have used the design welded into a frame to make some Christmas cards. You can download the design from the links on the right.

Click here for the GSD file for NOEL cards
and here for the Silhouette Studio version

Christmas numbers
These numbers were designed for the pages of my Advent scrapbook. They could also be useful for an advent calendar. They are a mixture of my own designs and some free Christmas fonts and dingbats.

Download the GSD file for 1-14 here
and 15-25 here
or the Silhouette Studio file here

mini house
This is the Mini House printers tray kit I bought to decorate for Christmas. I have cut and assembled the bits and pieces, and added a chimney. The sides are now covered with ribbon, and there is a ribbon hanger attached. I have put the instructions for the pieces I've designed, including the holly wreath, NOEL, and the gingerbread man which were cut on the Craft Robo, in the step by step guide, together with a link to download the GSD templates, here .

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