Sandy Bays title

Seaside diecuts

Frame portrait

Sandy Bays layout
This is the simple scrapbook layout I made for the UK Scrappers bloghop. I've used an old family photo, but unfortunately the photo album pages had all yellowed over the years and looked awful, so I'm now making up a new scrapbook for the photos. Luckily I still have my diaries so I can work out where we were and what we were up to.

The shapes can be cut by hand by printing out and tracing the PDF files, or by electronic cutter using the GSD file for Craft Robo, Silhouette Cameo etc. The lettering for the titles can be printed from the PDF and coloured in, but I think it is too fiddly for cutting by hand. The links to download the files are on the right.

My photo is portrait shape, but I have also included a landscape frame. After I cut out the white waves, I used the scrap as a template to draw and cut a wavy edge along the sand strip.
I liked the stripes on the washi tape as they echo the windbreak and deckchairs, but ribbon or stripey paper would work just as well, depending on your photo.
I glued the googly eyes onto the starfish and crab with a dab of tacky glue, but you could paint them on.
The font for the titles is Terra.
Sandy Bays title GSD file
Sandy Bays title PDF
Sandcastle frame portrait GSD
Sandcastle frame portrait PDF
Sandcastle frame landscape GSD
Sandcastle frame landscape PDF
Waves and beach diecuts GSD
Waves and beach diecuts PDF
Arum cushion
Hemlock cushion

I made this cushion using the Cuckoo Pint template from A Patchwork of Poison. I appliqued the cuckoo pint motif onto a ten inch patchwork square, then added a narrow half inch border and a two and a half inch border with more arum leaves appliqued on. I used machine embroidery to write on the plant names, Arum maculatum , and Cuckoo Pint, then added a narrow piped border, and finally quilted the cushion top before sewing it to a backing and inserting the cushion pad. The second cushion uses the Hemlock template from the book. I tried it on a background of small patchwork squares but it looks better on a plain background, and I used the patchwork as a frame instead. Both the Arum and the Hemlock templates are free to download on the right.

Arum GSD file
Arum Studio file
Arum PDF file
Hemlock GSD file
Hemlock Studio file
Hemlock PDF file

JULY 2013
With glorious summer weather at last, and the cricket season in full swing, I thought the cricketer template would be good to celebrate the start of the Ashes series. The template comes from the Runner Beans sports collection, which also includes a tennis player, golfer, bowler, as well as other sports, and the collection is on sale over on my Beanpole Books website. And with holidays and beaches in mind, I have also added the little sandcastle which I have used on scrapbook pages. It comes from the Summer collection of templates, also on sale on the Beanpole Books website.
sandcastle title
Cricketer GSD file
Cricketer Studio file
Cricketer in frame GSD file
Cricketer in frame Studio file
Sandcastle GSD file
Sandcastle Studio file
June sun title
JUNE 2013
This month's free template is the June Sun title. I am looking forward to seeing a little more sunshine this month.

Also free to download is this caravan template. With the holiday season here at last, I hope it will be useful for scrapbook pages and projects. It is based on our own lovely two berth caravan which we sold when we bought our converted campervan, but we have so many happy memories of our caravan holidays.
June sun GSD file
June sun Studio file
June sun PDF file

Caravan GSD file
Caravan Studio file
Caravan PDF file
April umbrella

APRIL 2013
This month's free download is the April title, with the umbrella, all ready for those April showers. I have also included a PDF file.
April umbrella GSD file
April umbrella Studio file
April umbrella PDF file

March daffodils

MARCH 2013
This month's free template is the March title with daffodils. I've included the PDF although it would need a little patience to cut it out. I have attached the GSD and Studio templates to download, which I hope you will find useful.
March daffodils GSD file
March daffodils Studio file
March daffodils PDF file

Already a month into 2013. January really whizzed by.
This month's free template is the February title.
I have attached the GSD and Studio templates which I hope you will find useful in your scrapbook projects.
GSD file
Studio file

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