Death in the Physic Garden



A Star Gardens Murder Mystery
Karen Lowe

The first in a series of Shropshire-based murder mysteries featuring garden designer Fern Green. When Fern escapes from London to start her new business in the South Shropshire hills, she believes she has found peace and safety at last - until she discovers the body of her first client, wealthy herbalist Joshua Hamble, dead in his physic garden. So begins a trail of murder and revenge as Fern unearths the Hambles' family secrets. Overshadowed by murder and suspicion, her relationship with hunky Welsh detective, DI Drummond, seems destined not to flourish, but even in such stony ground, a fragile affection begins to grow. Can it survive the searing heat of betrayal? As Drummond warns her, "gardening can be a dangerous business"

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5 Star Review,
"Well written with a complex plot and some interesting characters "
4 Star Reviews on
"I enjoyed this so much that I immediately bought the next in the series "
" Excellent writing. Good storytelling
This mystery features some beautiful description and heaps of gardening knowledge, as well as a gritty murder puzzle and a difficult, but promising relationship that begins to develop in this first book of what surely will be a series. For the discerning reader"

" Perfect for the Gardener"

Readers reviews:
"the atmosphere and location are brilliantly done"
"marvellous flower detail"
"I never guessed the ending"

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