Motif for Murder



A Quilt Detective Mystery with 10 Templates
Karen Lowe

'Every quilt tells a story', but textile artist Bronwen Jones soon discovers that not all the stories are happy ones. As the new Quilter in Residence in the small mid-Wales town of Llannon, she seeks to discover the area's quilting heritage, but in the process she finds herself caught up in a modern mystery. Is there a link between the disappearance of a young girl two years ago and the hit-and-run victim found at the roadside? And whose bones have just been unearthed in a landslip on a remote hillside? According to DS Flint, the body has been buried for over seventy years. The victim died a violent death. Someone, Bronwen realises, believes they got away with murder. Until now.

Then there is the beautifully stitched half-quilt she discovers on a local farm. What happened to the other half? Finding the missing piece of the quilt reveals a hidden past, secrets that have been long buried.

Her quest to unravel the truth brings her into conflict with ruthless and vindictive nightclub owner, Lloyd. He makes it plain her interference is unwelcome. What is he hiding? Sad, lonely and unloved, Lloyd calls her. Over forty, overweight and with the new love in her life back in America with his ex-wife and daughter, Bronwen has to accept it is true. When ultimately she is at the mercy of Lloyd's vengeance, she fears there is no Sir Galahad to come to her rescue. But is there someone watching out for her?

5 Star Reviews on Amazon
"The story reads very well and Bronwen is such an appealing character. She's feisty, nosy and seriously partial to chocolate cake. You've got to love her! "

" Really enjoyed the setting and the plot "

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Paperback Amazon £ 5.86

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