A Patchwork of Poison



A Quilt Detective Mystery with 40 Templates
Karen Lowe

The antique quilt was exquisitely embroidered with flowers and leaves. A labour of love, Bronwen thought. Until she discovered a darker purpose to the quilt's design.

A Patchwork of Poison introduces textile artist, Bronwen Jones, working on her art quilts for an upcoming exhibition near her south Shropshire home. Sixteen year old Cat asks Bron's help in uncovering the history of her heritage quilt, and the rumoured lost inheritance. But when Cat disappears and a schoolfriend is found murdered, Bron discovers the thread that links past and present, and the deadly secret the quilt conceals.

5* Reviews on Amazon

"I really enjoyed this book and was enthralled by the seamless ease with which the author worked the story of the past with that of the present."

"Karen Lowe re-creates a past in which a young girl in a financially secure position tries to push the limits of acceptability to rid herself of an unwelcome new governess; she creates a present in which a young girl is in danger. Her writing is immediate and believable and we care about them both. I enjoyed this book very much and read it in 24 hours. "

"This is a well-written cosy mystery which was a gripping read. It's full of twists, and turns stereotypes on their head. There is also a crafting theme running through this which, as a crafter, I found inspiring."

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