Mini House Printers Tray

house back This is my step by step guide to decorating the Mini House Printers Tray kit I bought. The kit has one house back and three frames which make up the compartments, plus two pieces that interlock to make a stand.

Use one of the house frames to draw where the compartments will fit on the house back.
You can then glue together the three house frames. I used white PVA glue. And just make sure you have the three frames lined up correctly - I did manage to put the middle one the wrong way round so it cut the long rectangle in half - luckily I noticed before the glue dried!
house with papers Measure the rectangles and cut your papers to fit. Glue them onto the house back, making sure you just cover your pencil lines. I've used a mixture of plain gold, Christmas patterned, and flock papers.  
house frame painted When the glue has dried on the frames, paint all the visible edges. You also need to paint the outside edge of the house back. I used acrylic gold paint for this as it covers well and gives a strong colour. Also paint the separate stand, or at least the edge of it. As an alternative, you could draw round the two pieces of the stand on a matching paper and cover them with it.  
house assembled When the paint has dried, glue the frame to the house back, again using the white PVA or your favourite glue. The compartments are now ready to be filled. I have not yet decorated the roof, so will do this later. I think I might also add a little chimney.  :
cracker I've used a scrap of Christmas fabric for the cracker, but you could use crepe paper or plain fabric. Cut a piece 4cm square and trim the two ends with pinking shears or handcut a zigzag. Cut a piece of thin card 2cm by 3.5 cm long and wind it round a pencil. Secure it with a strip of double sided tape. Wind the fabric on top of it. I then stitched along the fabric overlap. Slide the cracker off the pencil. You can sew or stitch on some sequins. Then I sewed a few stitches around each end where the card finished, and gathered up the fabric. Tie off the thread, then tie a piece of narrow ribbon or cord over the stitching. It takes longer to explain than to do!  
finished house This is the little house with compartments filled with Christmas bits and pieces. Starting from the top, I have a felt stocking, which is a hand-cut shape, but I have added a pattern to the GSD template. Next is a gift box which is simply a folded piece of gold card, with a bow, and a hand-cut tag. The Shopping List is printed on gold paper which I curled round a cocktail stick. Instead of gifts you could list family names.

On the next row is the holly wreath with mini bow and bead berries. This is made up of layered circles, cut on the Craft Robo. Next to that is a layered gingerbread man cut on the Craft Robo. The top layer is cut in copper metallic card. I have used black and white gel pens to add the detail. Next along, the box is filled with alder cones sprayed gold, then comes the little soldier from a pack of Doll's House toys I bought.

The Christmas pudding is hand-cut from funky foam, with black gel pen currants, on a hand-cut gold card plate, and sequin holly leaves. There is a GSD template for this. Next is the NOEL cut on the Craft Robo and layered. I stamped it gold then covered it with Glossy Accents and cut a holly leaf. I've added the holly leaf shape to the GSD file.

On the bottom row is the cracker, instructions above, a trumpet charm I bought, a heart and a Christmas tree, all items I already had.

Download the GSD file here
side of finished house This is the side of the house. After I'd finished it, I decided I preferred it covered with ribbon to match the ribbon hanger. The ribbon hanger is just a loop attached with double sided tape at the back, and I used the same narrow double sided tape to stick the ribbon around the house sides.
For the roof, I then cut two narrow strips of white funky foam, rounding the ends, or you could use white wadding. Because I wasn't going to use the stand for the house, I cut off the top of one of the stand pieces and stuck it to the back of the house for a chimney, and trimmed it with funky foam snow. If you want to use the stand then just cut a rectangle of card or chipboard, painted to match the rest of the house, or perhaps covered in brick effect paper. Once everything was assembled, I stuck a glittery star sequin at the apex of the roof, or you could use a heart. That's the fun of making little houses like this, you can use whatever you have to hand, and making it personal makes it really special. Enjoy yourself.

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