Christmas Tree Decorations


These are basic instructions for making the three little tree decorations.


For the toadstool you will need

a small scrap of red and white spotted cotton fabric. You could use plain red and cut out circles of white felt or fabric and glue or stitch them on instead.
White felt
6 inches of narrow red ribbon
Small amount of wadding or cotton wool for stuffing

Use the larger circle template, 2.25 inch diameter, and cut out one circle in the spotted fabric.
Cut one smaller circle in white felt.
Sew around the edge of the circle using small stitches, then gently pull the thread to gather up the circle to match the size of the smaller circle. Secure the stitching.
Taking white thread, place the red circle, right side down, on top of the white circle and with small stitches, sew the two together around the edge of the white circle to make the mushroom shape, leaving a half inch gap. Turn the mushroom right side out so you now have the spotty fabric on the outside.
Push in a little stuffing, then sew the gap closed.
Cut out the rectangle in white felt. Roll it loosely to form the stalk a half inch high and oversew the edge.
Place the stalk in the centre of the white underside of toadstool and stitch it in place.
Fold the ribbon in half and stitch it to the centre of the top of the toadstool.
It's now ready to hang up.
Hexagon tree


For the hexagon and Christmas tree you will need

White felt Scrap of red and white spotted fabric, or fabric of your choice
Iron on fabric stabiliser
Red thread
Star sequin, small beads or bow to decorate
Small amount of wadding or cotton wool
Narrow red ribbon

Cut out two hexagons in white felt.
Draw the Christmas tree shape onto the stabiliser. Cut roughly around it then iron it onto the spotty fabric.
Cut out the spotty fabric and iron it onto one of the hexagons. Stitch it into place with satin stitch, blanket stitch or similar. Sew on beads or star for decoration.
Sew the two hexagons together. I've used blanket stitch in red cotton. At the peak, stitch the ribbon into place, ready for hanging. Add a little wadding and complete the stitching round.
Christmas stocking


For the Christmas stocking, you will need

White felt
Narrow red ribbon
Red thread
Beads to decorate if you wish

Cut a square of white felt a little larger than the stocking template.
Stitch lengths of red ribbon diagonally across the felt.
Christmas stocking Use the template to cut out the stocking shape. Cut a second plain stocking.
Sew the two felt stockings together using blanket stitch.
Stitch the loop of red ribbon to the inside back of the stocking, ready for hanging.
You could further decorate the stocking with beads or a bow.

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